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    About Design Air

    Why is Design Air Queensland's Top Valued Air Con Specialist?

    We’ve been raised in the harsh Australian climate, so we know how important it is to keep cool in this great country.  And our family has been in the business for air conditioning gold coast over 2 generations.  We truly care about giving Australians the best quality and value in air conditioning products and services. 

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    We Are A Platinum Dealer Of ActronAir Air Conditioning Systems
    in the Gold Coast For 15+ Years

    We have won the award for highest sales for gold coast air conditioning 3 times, and counting!
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    Air Conditioning Gold Coast

    The air conditioner in your Gold Coast home or business plays a crucial role in keeping you and those important to you cool through the summer. Unfortunately, air conditioning issues can be a significant inconvenience and even cause health concerns. At Design Air, we are proud to provide affordable services for air conditioning to the Gold Coast and talk about your air conditioning design.

    Australia’s climate can be harsh, so while we know you’re used to it, heating and cooling systems are essential to life in this beautiful nation. Design Air is proud to serve our community with quality Gold Coast air conditioning installation and service as a family business passed down over two generations. Call Design Air at (07) 5500 4555 to get service today!

    Air Conditioning Installation on the Gold Coast

    Purchasing a new heating or cooling system can be exciting but stressful. While everyone wants to be more comfortable at home, heating and cooling system installations can be lengthy and expensive. Based in South East Queensland, at Design Air, we strive to make the process easy for our customers.

    When you choose Design Air for your air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast, you can trust our team to treat your home with respect and care. We offer installation for all air conditioning systems, including residential and commercial solutions.

    With years of experience and a genuine desire to help our community, Design Air is an excellent option for any air conditioning project on the Gold Coast. Our priority is to earn customer satisfaction on every job we accept, so consider Design Air whenever you need an aircon on the Gold Coast.

    Residential Air Conditioning Gold Coast (Ducted and Split System)

    Things can be frustrating when the AC in your Gold Coast home goes out. As temperatures rise, so do tempers, and a broken air conditioner can lead to conflict and bickering with your family. No one is at their best when the AC isn’t working, so let Design Air ensure that your AC is always at its best.

    As ducted and split system air conditioners differ in many ways, it’s crucial to ensure the professional you choose is qualified to work on the type of AC unit in your home. With 90 years of combined experience in heating and cooling repair, our team at Design Air is qualified to work on any home air con on the Gold Coast.

    When you choose Design Air, you can be confident in the outcome regardless of your type of equipment. Our team has years of experience and can handle any heating and cooling system installation or repair.

    Whether you have a ducted or split system in your home, our team will efficiently diagnose the source of the problem and provide an affordable quote for repair service.

    At Design Air, once repairs begin, we strive to get your system back to normal as quickly as possible. We know how uncomfortable and inconvenient a broken AC system is, and we’re proud to provide quality repair services to our community. So when the air conditioning in your Gold Coast home goes out, you can count on Design Air for rapid and affordable repairs.

    Commercial Air Conditioning Gold Coast

    As a business owner, you know how important it is to ensure your clients are comfortable. Unfortunately, when the AC in your business goes out, it’s much more challenging to convince customers to stay inside long enough to close a deal. At Design Air, we understand the scope and urgency of commercial AC repairs and installations and provide excellent service at an affordable price.

    When you choose Design Air for your Gold Coast commercial AC project, our team will complete the job quickly and correctly. Time spent on repairs costs money from lost sales, so we’ll work with you to schedule your service at a time that impacts your bottom line as little as possible.

    Air Conditioning Service, Installation, & Repair

    When dealing with an appliance as complex and vital as your air conditioner, you need a trusted professional. Design Air is proud to provide quality heating and cooling services to the residents of the Gold Coast. With years of experience and affordable prices, we make choosing an air conditioning service company easy.

    Our team at Design Air dedicates itself to ensuring both residential and commercial clients are delighted with the performance of their heating and cooling system. So whether your air conditioner is entirely broken or simply functioning less efficiently than usual, Design Air can quickly and affordably find and solve the problem.

    If you don’t have an air conditioner in your home or business, we can help with that too. Our team has handled hundreds of Gold Coast air conditioning installations and can guide you through the selection process to ensure you get the ideal system for your space.

    When you need air conditioning services in the Gold Coast, there’s no better choice than Design Air. When your air conditioning system fails or you need a new one installed, call Design Air at (07) 5500 4555 to discuss your needs with an expert and schedule your service.

    Looking for an air conditioner? We can recommend the right air conditioning system for you

    Air conditioning units for heating and cooling on the Gold Coast. We promote only the best air conditioning systems for residential and commercial purposes

    If you are after professional air conditioning repair services for your office or commercial space, Design Air is just who you need.

    Having the right air con in your home is very important to ensure optimal cooling. This is the reason why Design Air offers the largest range of ducted air conditioners for the residential clients. 

    Split System air conditioning are an inexpensive and efficient way to keep the home cool. Design Air is the most trusted provider of residential split air conditioning system in Gold Coast.

    Often, there are many reasons why you would need to inspect your aircon regularly and watch for the signs of damage. Regular maintenance for your air conditioning is a must to ensure high performance and optimal air quality.

    Need new air conditioning installed? We can help you install a highly efficient electrical ActronAir air conditioner

    Design Air is a reputed air conditioning specialist in Gold Coast offering quality AC sales and repair services to residential as well as commercial clients.

    What do our clients say about their experience with air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast by Design Air?

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