Air Conditioning Service Specialists Gold Coast

Air conditioning is what we do.  All we do.  And we do it well. With over 90 years of combined air conditioning experience and a staff of only air conditioning specialists, Design Air has earned its reputation as Queensland’s top value ducted air conditioning specialists on the Gold Coast. We offer Design, Supply & Installation of; Find out how our Design, Supply, Installation service works Additional Services;
  • Integration with home automation.
  • Independent commissioning.
  • Sound level certification.
  • Electronic corrosion control.
  • Service, repair and maintenance to all Brands.
  • Actron Air Repairs and Servicing.
  • Actron Air Warranty Repairs.
  • Samsung Repairs and Servicing.
  • Online answers and advice.
  When do we provide our services?
  • During home or building construction.
  • Anytime after construction on existing homes and buildings.
  Who are our customers? We work with Developers, Architects, Builders, Home Owners, Do it Your Selfers, Trades People and more to design, supply and install air conditioning systems in:
  • Home & Units.
  • Luxury Homes.
  • Apartments & Townhouses.
  • Offices.
  • Shops.
  • Schools.
  • Factories & Warehouses.
  Find out what our satisfied customer have to say about our services. How can we help you? There are 2 easy ways to get started with Design Air: