We guarantee you’ll be happy with your purchase from Design Air

For your peace of mind, all products sold by Design Air are covered by 5 year Domestic parts / 2 year Commercial parts and labour warranty.

The warranties are covered by the manufacturers, and detailed warranty terms and conditions will be delivered with your products.


Warning!  Your warranty is void if you do not use licensed installers and electricians

We care about our customers, so we don’t want any of you to compromise your product warranties.
If you are installing your system yourself, please be aware of the following warranty restrictions:

  • Refrigeration MUST be installed by an Arctick licensed installer
  • Electrical components MUST be installed by a licensed electrician

If you do not comply by these restrictions, your product warranty will be void


Warning!  Your warranty may be void if you do not comply with the warranty terms

Please read the terms below carefully, as your warranty may be void or be restricted to 12 months parts only if any of the terms are not complied with.


General Warranty Terms


Initial assessment

Before a warranty claim will be filled by the manufacturer, your installer/service person must carry out an initial service call – at your cost unless the system was installed by Design Air – to determine that any fault is not the result of incorrect installation or commissioning.


Correct installation

It must be determined that your system has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, instructions and within all recognised industry standards.


Correct design and size

It must be determined that your system has been correctly designed and sized (capacity) for its intended use.  In order to ensure your system meets this warranty condition, we highly recommend you use our professional design service before you order products online.


Correct operation

It must be determined that your system is being operated as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Proof of service

It must be proven that annual preventative service as per operating and servicing instructions has been undertaken.


Easy access to system

The manufacturer’s representative for warranty service must have free and easy access to your system.


Normal working hours

Any repair or replacement will occur during the manufacturer’s normal working hours.


Liabilities for losses

Neither Design Air nor the manufacturer will be liable for any losses due to breakdown during the repair or replacement.


Further coverage

All warranty terms are in addition to, not in place of, any rights you may have at law.


Warranty Exclusions

Please be aware of the following situations and factors NOT COVERED by your warranty:


Damage caused by the following are NOT COVERED by your warranty:

  • Lightning and/or incorrect electrical supply as per rating label
  • Accident, misapplication, abuse, alteration, tampering  or servicing by non-authorised persons
  • Faulty, improper installation
  • Incorrect operation
  • Failure to carry out required maintenance as per operating instructions
  • Corrosive conditions, foreign objects, matter, insects, vermin, etc. entering your system



Travel time, transport and insurance of parts outside of metropolitan areas are NOT COVERED by your warranty.



All usable parts, including but not limited to the following, are NOT COVERED by your warranty:

  • Vee belts
  • Batteries
  • Refrigerant
  • Fuses
  • Service valves



All accessories, including all optional accessories, which are not a direct part of your air conditioning unit are NOT COVERED by your warranty.


Adjustments and Services

Any adjustments or normal servicing to any part of your air conditioning system are NOT COVERED by your warranty.


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