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Professional Air Conditioning Duct Design

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Design Air Brings You Professional Air Conditioning Duct Design

Make sure you don’t make an expensive mistake

Save money in the long run with our detailed duct sizing and layout design service.  A professional design tailored to the specific requirements of your home or office will ensure:

  • The conditioned air circulates correctly through your building.
  • There are no hot or cold spots.
  • Your system works quietly.
  • You get optimum energy efficiency.

Start with a professional duct design service

No matter what your air conditioning requirements are, starting with a professional duct design service will ensure you don’t have to remedy expensive mistakes later.  This service is essential for:

  • New construction homes and offices
  • Retrofitting  new systems to existing buildings
  • Custom builders and developers designing systems for their projects
  • Additions and renovations

How does it work?

It’s a simple process that starts with you sending us your building plans or drawings and finishes with us providing you with a detailed plan for a well-balanced duct system designed specifically for your individual requirements. Just click on the product above to find out more.

Got Questions?

If you have questions about our professional duct design service, or any of our other air conditioning services, call us on (07) 5500 4555 or email us.
If you have questions about shopping on our site, have a look through our FAQ’s.

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