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Ducted Air Conditioning Reverse Cycle Split System  : your top value choice

Summertime and the living is easy.  That is, if you’ve invested in a top value air conditioning system.  Otherwise, summertime in Australia is just hot and sticky.

How do you know which air conditioning system will give you the highest overall value for your money?  You weigh out the system cost, the running cost and all the benefits of one system against the others.  Time and time again you’ll find that ducted air conditioning comes out on top.  Why?



Only ducted air conditioning systems will effectively keep your whole house or office – not just certain rooms – comfortable all year round.  Able to cool or heat, they are designed to infuse your home or office with conditioned air by pumping it through duct and out vents in the ceilings or floors.


Energy efficiency

Ducted air conditioning systems are proven to be the most energy efficient systems available today.  To get the top level of energy efficiency with your system, make sure your system is MP4.1 compliant.  All systems in Queensland are required by law to be MP4.1 compliant. That is a system that has a minimum EER of 3.12.

You can check unit ratings by going to the energy ratings site at


Heating effectiveness

Cool in summer, warm in winter.  It’s a dream come true.  Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to do both.  To heat buildings, they reverse the flow of refrigerant; heat is extracted from air outside and redirected inside.



Ducted air conditioning systems are so low profile, they are hardly even noticeable.  The outdoor unit is usually placed out of view, and the main components inside the home are hidden away. Most often, a fan coil is placed inside the ceiling and flexible ductwork directs the conditioned air to different areas where it is pushed into rooms through inconspicuous vents.


Sound – or lack of it

Shhhh.  Can you hear it?  No?  That’s because ducted air conditioning is the quietest type of system available today.  It’s the ultimate system for unobtrusive heating and cooling.


Low maintenance

Like all air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioners should undergo regular annual ‘tune-ups’. But besides the routine maintenance, extra upkeep and repairs are rarely needed.  These systems are robust and built to last.

No matter how you measure, ducted air conditioning systems come up as top value. Make sure your system is manufactured by a well-established supplier like ActronAir,Samsung, Daikin or Lg and is professionally designed by a reputable business like Design Air, and you can’t go wrong.

Design Air also provides professional air conditioning system design – so you can be sure you are getting the right size system for your requirements.