Do It Yourself

If you are a tradesmen or just plain handy you can (with our help) install DIY ducted air conditioning and save a lot of money doing the installation yourself.

  • Design Air can perform a heatload on your home or office – You provide a plan of the building with some basic information e.g. aspect, insulation, ceiling height, zoning etc, then we will get to work on a unit size required to the job.
  • We can provide a detailed duct design – Our duct designs are second to none. Not only are they to scale but they are clearly marked with sizes to work from. Duct sizing is calculated to provide excellent airflow without being noisy.
  • We can supply all of the duct components required – From the indoor unit to the outlets, Design Air can supply everything required to complete an installation. Competitively priced too!
  • We can also supply the air conditioning unit at a very competitive price – We have a range of air conditioning systems for all situations. Meps rated, reliable, quiet and all with a 5 year warranty (residential use only).
  • We can provide installation support to make it easier – we will give you a run down on how to install a ducted air conditioning system, the ins and outs and some clever ideas to make it easier. Throughout the installation we are here available to give advise.
  • We can provide commissioning and check of the system – Once completed it would be a good idea to have the system checked by a professional. This will ensure that the system will give you years of trouble free operation. Design Air can provide this service at a nominal cost.
*The only two items that cannot be DIY’d is the electrical and the refrigeration. This has to be done by a licenced electrician. The refrigeration (the copper pipework between the indoor and the outdoor unit), must be performed by a Refrigeration Mechanic with an Arctick licence.
Warranty will be void if this is not adhered to.

  *DIY’ kits are only available in the greater Gold Coast Queensland area.

Ducted System