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Top 3 Air Conditioning Myths Busted

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Top 3 Air Conditioning Myths Busted

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!  Those well-worn myths about air conditioners are chewed up and spit out right here at Design Air. Read on the find out the truth.

It’s a hot day.  You’ve just returned from work.  Your room is hot enough to compete with a sauna.  You quickly reach for the air conditioning remote to blast the air out, turning the setting down to a chilly 18 degrees so the room will cool down fast.  Sound familiar?

The truth is: Your air conditioner will cool your room down at the same rate no matter what temperature you set it to.

Turning your air conditioner down to 18 degrees won’t get it to 25 degrees any faster than setting it at 25 degrees.

So turn your air conditioner on to whatever temperature you want your room to be.  Then your room will reach that temperature and stay at that temperature.  Remember, set it to be as high as you comfortably can, because for every degree you decrease the setting you increase your running cost by up to 10%.

Yes, air conditioners consume energy and cost money to run.  But they are far from being energy guzzlers.

The truth is: air conditioners are very energy efficient. For every KW of electricity consumed, two or more KW of cooling (or heating for reverse cycle units) can be produced.

All air conditioning units these days have to carry energy rating labels – the higher the rating the more energy efficient they are.

Ducted air conditioning is governed by MEPS ratings (Minimum Energy Performance Standard).  Soon, all air conditioners will need to be rated at 2.9 to be compliant. If you want to be sure yours is, talk to Design Air.

Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better.

The truth is: an air conditioning system that’s too big for a house or room will work harder and cost more money to run.

An air conditioning system needs to be sized correctly for the area it needs to cool efficiently.  Ducted air conditioning systems in particular need to be professionally designed to ensure all the factors that affect the temperature of the area are considered.  A system that is incorrectly sized will always cost more money in the long run.

Design Air, Queensland’s top value ducted air conditioning specialists, provides a library of FREE resource material to help you learn all you need to know about air conditioners in order to make an informed decision and a smart purchase.

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